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A stove or oven is an indispensable tool in any household kitchen, vital for healthy and easy cooking. Consuming fast food every day can lead to various health concerns and negatively affect your healthy lifestyle. Like any other appliance, kitchen appliances, including stoves, can also develop problems. If you’re in Surrey and searching for a reliable oven, range, or stove repair service, Amar Appliance can assist you.

Many reasons can cause your stove or oven to malfunction, including internal wiring issues, physical damages, and more. The most common problems that we, at Prevent Dryer Fire Inc, provide stove repair services in Surrey, include:

Oven Not Heating

    There are several reasons why your oven may not heat properly, such as broken or malfunctioning igniter, bake element not working, spark electrodes not functioning correctly, holes and blisters in broil element, power supply problems, damaged wires, defective temperature control thermostat, and faulty valve pressure regulator.

 Oven Doesn’t Bake Evenly

    Your oven may not bake evenly due to an overused or burned-out bake element, broken igniter, malfunctioning broil element, faulty temperature sensor, broken oven control board, convection element not heating correctly, and convection motor not transferring heat properly.

 Oven Broiler Not Working

    If your oven broiler is not working, the broken broil element is the main cause, followed by broken igniter, malfunctioning bake or broil spark electrode, damaged temperature control thermostat, burnt wire connections, faulty relay board, overused oven control board, and issues with safety valve and pressure regulator.

Stove Heating Element Not Working

    If the heating element of your stove is not working, it could be due to defective surface element switch, surface element board failure, damaged coil surface element, issues with heating radiant surface element, a broken solid surface element, loose or burnt wire connection, and issues with incoming power.

Stove Burner Won’t Light

    A broken spark plug or damaged spark ignition switch can be the root of the problem for a stove burner that won’t light.

Stove Burner Won’t Heat

    If your stove burner won’t heat, it may be due to bake element not heating properly, igniter not working properly, issues with broil element, faulty temperature control thermostat, problems with temperature sensor, broken oven control board, and convection element and motor related problems.

Oven Temperature Not Accurate

    The reasons behind inaccurate oven temperature can include broken bake element, problems with oven igniter, malfunctioning broil element, temperature control thermostat not working properly, issues with temperature sensor, faulty oven control board, and convection element and motor not working.

Oven Light Is Out

    The oven light may not be working due to issues with the light assembly or light bulb, light switch, or light socket, problems with the touch control panel touchpad, and internal transformer-related problems.

Oven Won’t Turn On

    If your oven won’t turn on, the reasons could include a broken bake element, problems with the igniter, bake or broil spark electrode not working, issues with the broil element, incoming power problems, thermostat fuse not working, loose or burnt wire connection, faulty relay board or oven control board, and problems with safety valve or pressure regulator.

Oven Not Self-Cleaning

    If your oven is not self-cleaning, the reasons could be related to the door lock or switch assembly, temperature control thermostat issues, oven control board-related malfunctions, thermal switch-related difficulties, and door switch not working.

Oven Won’t Turn Off

    If your oven won’t turn off, it may be due to problems with the temperature control thermostat, malfunctioning oven control board, bake element not working, damaged broil element.

Oven Repair

Ovens are an essential appliance in modern households, cooking food at high temperatures for our enjoyment. However, if your oven experiences significant issues, it can ruin your delicious meal. To safeguard your food, it is vital to contact a professional repair service. Here are the most common problems that occur in ovens:

  •  The oven won’t heat due to heating element malfunctions, faulty sensor bulbs, a non-functioning ignitor or thermostat, or a relay issue.
  • Oven self-cleaning won’t work due to a defective door lock motor and switch assembly, malfunctioning control board or thermal fuse, or faulty thermostat.
  • The oven won’t turn on due to inadequate power supply, damaged broil or bake elements, or a defective infinite switch or ignitor.
  • Oven light not working due to a malfunctioning control board, improperly sealed door, or flawed door light switch.
  • The door won’t close due to a faulty door lock assembly or the need for an adjustment or replacement of the electronic control board.
  • Common error codes include F0, F1, F5, F6 for keypad problems, F2 or F20 for overheating, F3 and F4 indicating a faulty oven sensor, F5 indicating the need for an electronic control panel replacement, and F97 indicating the need for internal part replacement.

At Prevent Dryer Fire INC, we provide professional repair services for a wide range of appliances in Surrey, including ovens, laundry machines, and various brands such as Whirlpool, Samsung, General Electric, Danby, Bosch, Kitchenaid, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Kenmore, Jenn-Air, and Maytag. Our fully equipped service centers cater to your needs and offer on-site services in Surrey.